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Recreational and Leisure Programs

The Arc of Northern Rhode Island offers a variety of facility-based and community-based recreation and leisure time activities to consumers who participate in any of the agency's programs.

These events are designed to promote community presence, integration, and friendships. Certain events or programs charge a nominal fee for participation/ticket costs.

Good Time With Friends: This program provides a variety of social activities after work hours, such as dinner dances, square dancing, Sunday bowling league, dinner and a movie, and "Girls Night Out". Other activities might include the Civic Center, Pawtucket Red Sox, etc. Transportation is available if needed.

Community Field Trips: This program provides for daytime community trips to local schools, hospitals, etc., to engage in inclusionary activities with children or adults. Also offered are programs such as lunch-out with friends, special community events like the circus, theater, concerts, parks, zoos, etc. Transportation is provided.

Performing Arts: The Arc Singers and The Arc Dancers require a long term commitment and may be joined separately. Each group arranges on-going practice times and performs at events in the community.

Special Olympics: This program provides opportunities to participate in a variety of individual and team sports events. Athletes compete in two major track and field events: locally at Bryant College in the spring, and in the state-wide games at the University of Rhode Island in June. The Arc facilitates potential participants joining the Woonsocket team by arranging contact with the area's Head Coach.