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Arc Artisans

The Arc Artisan programThe Arc Artisan program is a unique, alternative employment opportunity for people with developmental disabilities that focuses on their creative talents and artistic skills.

The program was created to introduce people with developmental disabilities to the world of gardening, landscaping and recycling.

What began as a two-night a week experience quickly evolved into multi-faceted daily vocational opportunities for people.

Arc ArtisansFlowers and herbs grown from seed soon became bouquets to be sold to the general public.

Recognizing the diverse talents and abilities of those involved, Arc Artisans expanded to include arts and crafts projects.

Folks CraftingAs interest grew, people with developmental disabilities were making primitive wood crafts and dolls, making use of the very flowers and herbs they helped to plant, nourish and harvest. In addition, participants expanded their talents to create custom designed embroidery products.

Their handiwork was offered to the general public at local and regional art and craft shows, creating strong customer demand.

Indeed, demand was so strong that the project ultimately resulted in the Arc Artisans opening a storefront at 320 Main Street, Woonsocket. The store provides an opportunity for individuals to showcase their products and abilities and offer their artwork to the retail public.

The Arc Artisan program continues to blossom, as people with developmental disabilities enjoy work opportunities that connect them to nature, tap into their spiritual expression, and grow in pride as they teach the world of their abilities.