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Home Based Therapeutic Services

Home Based Therapeutic Services is a program funded by Medicaid via the The Department of Human Services (D.H.S.) for children ages 3-21 who have medical or behavioral needs. At this time, children and families are referred to a CEDAAR Family Center (Comprehensive Evaluation Diagnosis Assessment Referral Re-evaluation) by parents, doctors, schools or other service providers. The CEDAAR provides an initial family assessment and develops a Family care plan that may include H.B.T.S. at which time a referral is made to provider agencies.

A treatment plan reflecting the needs of the child is developed and forwarded to D.H.S. and/or CEDAAR for a 6 month approval. Once approved, home based treatment workers implement the plan under the supervision of a licensed clinician and treatment coordinator. They provide documentation of progress, which is used to develop subsequent renewal proposals. Treatment can be implemented within the child's home or in the community depending on the specific needs of the child and family. Parents and or caretakers must be present for at least a portion of the treatment in order to effectively implement strategies. The intent of the program is to decrease the risk of hospitalization or alternative placement so the child can remain at home safely.